Gong Space

A bit about gongs

Our first metal gongs were thought to have been created as far back as the early Bronze Age, perhaps 5-6000 years ago, in the ancient near east. Through history the instrument has been used to accompany dance, song and theatre, as well as a means of transmitting messages to workers and armies alike. In the far east, the gong has been used to bring good fortune, physical and spiritual healing, and even as a way to help the dead transition smoothly out of the body and into an afterlife. Since the 18th century the gong has been widely used in western music to bring emphasis, intensity, energy and closure to many genres of music; from Madame Butterfly to Bohemian Rhapsody.

More recent developments in European gong making have enabled us to produce accurately tuned gongs for stress relief, relaxation, meditation, entertainment and healing purposes. Activities which complement the gong's use in yoga and other sacred ways, by eastern cultures, over the past 1500 years.

Paul plays predominantly European Gongs which are made from high quality nickel silver, tempered, beaten and tuned with to extraordinary level of accuracy. They are magnificent instruments with immense presence, made by craftsmen who care deeply about the quality of their work.