Gong Space

Paul brings the remarkable healing energy of the planetary gongs to lifestyle and wellbeing venues, often working alongside yoga, mediation, mindfulness and other practitioners.

'My stress levels are so much better and I always look forward to my next session...'

In sound healing, gongs are recognised as the most powerful tool available. 

For many people, regular work with specific planetary gongs brings healing at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It can also support the mind; as a catalyst for deep sleep, inner reflection, self realisation, growth and transformation.

'The gongs are an amazing experience and really help me to meditate, which I found difficult before...'

To facilitate these outcomes we combine our gong work with the Reiki channel which helps people gain deep subconscious empowerment, remove blockages, generate a more positive attitude and inspire creativity. 

In addition, we work alongside yoga, mindfulness, meditation and other wellbeing practitioners, both in classes and on retreat.

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