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'Deeply thought provoking...'

'I'd recommend it to anyone... it makes the complex sound comprehensible and doable.'

'Great source of inspiration...great read, very clever...'


Paul published 'Weaving with Light' in 2015. This is a spiritual philosophy / self help guide written primarily for those in the first stages of their journey away from egoic materiality and towards greater self awareness.

Although much of the source text for this book was originally channelled, it was ultimately written 'from the head', making reference to science, philosophy and rational thinking relevant to the intended audience. Early in 2017 'Weaving with Light' was picked up by a mainstream publisher, with a second edition due from them early in 2018, under the title 'The Beginners Guide to a Peaceful Mind.

Once 'The Beginners Guide to a Peaceful Mind' is published, Paul has a large amount of more recently channelled material that he will work with to produce a second book. This book will be written 'from the heart' about the hearts's journey towards love and light. Perhaps aimed at an audience who have consciously progressed a little further away from darkness, but have found that path to be more challenging and less predictable than they might have anticipated.