Gong Space

Training & Mentoring

We are happy to work with aspiring gong practitioners at any stage in their development. We believe that the best teacher of the gong is the gong... Hence, training courses are 1:1 or extremely small group size. They have a strong practical focus; enabling you to get as much gong time as possible.

Three courses are available: taking the beginner from an absolute novice to a confident practitioner; ready to work with other practitioners at large events.

Play the gong - Taster Session

This 90 minute session will give you chance to learn a bit more about the gongs as well as opportunity to take your first steps towards sitting with them and learning how to play. It is ideal for those who feel called to deepen their connection with the gong, but are not yet sure whether they are ready to invest in becoming fully trained or develop a practice.

'It really was the most wonderful and insightful day...'


' Your insight and guidance was inspirational without being intrusive...'


Foundation Course

This day long course will help you understand what a gong is and how to fit it and it's many effects into your own particular belief system or practice. It brings you the basic skills and information to buy a gong for yourself and start working with it. The day involves a combination of theoretical and mainly practical work, using different gongs and mallets.

Theory elements include: Types of gong, planetary gongs, anatomy of the gong, mallets, stands, intention setting, buying a gong and how to look after it.

Practical elements include: Listening, playing positions, organising your space, playing with a single mallet, playing with double mallets, mixed mallets, rhythm, movement and flow.


Practitioner Training

This day long course will help you develop the skills and confidence that you need to start holding gong baths for other people. To get the most from it will be good if you have spent some time working with your own gong(s) and really feel ready to move on within yourself.

The course has a strong emphasis on experimenting with different energy flows in different gongs. We also help you understand issues related to supporting others through their first experience of the gong; such as empathy, channeling and holding space. In addition, we cover the practical issues that you will need to deal with as you transition from working with your gong(s) on your own to playing them in larger groups and public spaces. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own gong(s) if they wish.


Advanced Training

This one day course has a strong element of coaching and teamwork. It covers more advanced playing techniques, playing multiple gongs and working with other practitioners. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own gong(s) if they wish.


If you are an aspiring gong practitioner who would like additional support, we are happy to work with you on a 1:1 basis to help you on this magical journey. Mentoring is available in hour blocks as well as full and half day sessions.

'Your passion is an inspiration...'