effects of the gong, relaxation, sound healing, clinical support

Effects of the Gongs

relaxation, wellbeing, sound healing, gongspace, Paul Dane, Reading
From Relaxation... 


The sound of the gong is both relaxing and highly distractional, it bypasses the rational mind bringing time and space to uncouple from everyday rumination and worry.

Many people find such moments of calm, free, creative space to be deeply relaxing, often reporting that they fall quickly into a dreamlike sleep or that poor sleep patterns are remedied for several days after the experience. 

relaxation, wellbeing, sound healing, gongspace, Paul Dane, Reading
through Sound Healing...


Whilst many of the subjective claims made by the sound healing community, regarding how sound healing really works and what it can achieve do not currently stand up to scientific scrutiny, there are countless anecdotal reports of people experiencing significant emotional and/or physical change following repeated exposure to the gong.

Research indicates that repeated exposure to music and sound healing tools like the gong increases physical relaxation, ineffability and imagery leading to a sense of joy and transcendence beyond space and time. 

Often subjects report that such experiences can stimulate cognition, generate deep personal insight, uplift mood and bring a sense of unity.

One of our own favourite anecdotes is of being approached by a young lady at one of the festivals we attended regularly; she enthusiastically showed us her stall selling jewelry and traditional clothing made from up-cycled materials /fabrics imported from India. She then went on to tell us how the previous year she had attended one of our gongbaths, had the vision to change her life in this way and found the self belief to make that vision a reality within 12 months... For her, the session had been a life changing experience...

relaxation, wellbeing, sound healing, gongspace, Paul Dane, Reading
to Clinical Support


In a clinical context, sound healing tools like the gong have and are being used as part of integrative therapy to support treatment of the symptoms of many disorders including:


Stress / anxiety / .PTSD / memory loss / high blood pressure / high cholesterol / heart disease / stroke / cancer / dementia and autism, as well as learning, behavioural and psychiatric difficulties.