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Paul Dane

From the south-west of England, Paul came from an academic background completing a PhD in biomedical research in the mid '80's. For the next 15 years or so he had a career in industry, then at the turn of the millennium took his first step out of the rat race to focus on more worthwhile activities such as hypnotherapy, stress management and executive coaching. Taking another step away from the rat race he now spends much of his time travelling around the UK and Europe in 'Claude the Van', gonging, writing and immersing himself in nature.


Having a lifelong relationship with the Dao, Paul spent time designing Feng Shui landscapes. Over the years he has also spent time exploring Shamanic practice and the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. In 2015 his first book: 'Weaving with Light -  The Beginners Guide to a peaceful mind' was published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. Paul is attuned as a Reiki Practitioner often using this energetic platform as a basis for his gong work.

In the GongSpace, Paul plays the gongs, does the training, produces all of our creative materials, 'invests' our money in new gongs and comes up with countless often conflicting ideas about what direction we should take next. 


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Andrea Ryan

(and Nala the dog)

Andrea supports Paul as his partner and by doing all of the administrative work for GongSpace in the background - Like organising events, promoting our work on social media, liaising with clients, answering queries and by acting as the 'meet & greet' for all of our sessions. Sometimes she also plays the gongs in the background too!

When she's not out in nature walking with Nala the dog, Andrea enjoys working as a massage and beauty therapist. She also manages her time to travel with Paul in the van regularly.

With three sons at home there's always entertainment! Andrea tries to keep calm, balanced and organised by relaxing to the gongs, living a natural lifestyle, and practicing yoga and meditation when she gets chance.

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Our Collaborators... 

Alice Mcguigan

Alice has been teaching Yoga since 2015 and is a 500 hr qualified teacher. Deepening her practice and skills through multiple CPDs every year, her work encompasses  many forms including,  Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga.


Based in Reading, she holds classes at Yoga Reading, various leisure centres and in the workplace; where she helps her clients use the practice as a solid, steady, foundation for life and as a way of coping with it's inevitable challenges. 

Our work with Alice includes combined Yoga/Gong sessions in the Reading Area, regular Yoga/Gong retreats at various locations, and supporting her at The Earth Living Festival in Reading which she founded in 2019. 


With a background in English and Drama, Alice also project manages events with a non-profit organisation; Outrider Anthems. and writes biographies for Story Terrace. 

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