Extraordinary Easter Update 2020

What extraordinary times we are living through! 

I guess we are each processing these unprecedented world events in our own way - Writing our unique story about what we believe is going on 'out there' and how that interacts with our own inner journey.

For many, there seems to be incredible synchronicity between prior life situations leading to a transition point and the timing of such unusual world events. Over the past weeks many are being given the chance to stop, face themselves, and reflect on what really matters, what really doesn't matter and who they really want to be.  

Among endless fear inducing headlines in both mainstream media and it's counterculture, there are strong currents running through social media, that bring hope that this is a tipping point: A time when we might, at last, start, as a species, to hold ourselves to account, realise we are nothing more than humble guests beneath the foot of the Earth's table and start our ascent to wisdom and maturity.

Let's hope, for all life on this remarkable planet, that those positive beliefs hold true...

Whatever we believe in, we all have a choice about how to respond to the current situation, with this in mind you'll see an interesting diagram below illustrating how we each process challenging situations differently. Maybe if you haven't seen it going around the internet before you'll find it thought provoking:

For our own part we have been trying to avoid exposing ourselves to too much of the 'media circus' and 'deep conspiracy' theory; simply because of the levels of fear that both sides seem to induce.

We remain healthy and are working with a small group of local volunteers to help get food supplies to the elderly and vulnerable, which feels worthwhile. Nothing compared to the sacrifices that many of our amazing health workers are making... butwe'll come to that later.

After a fair bit of messing around with technology we feel more confident broadcasting our free livestream gong sessions each week, and they seem to be going down quite well. Next session dates below.

Most of you will know by now about the various projects we have done in the past with Alice McGuigan of Alice May Yoga (https://alicemayyoga.co.uk/) - sessions / retreats / festivals etc. - keeping the ball rolling together we are going to run a back to back virtual session with her later in the month.

This back to back Yoga / Gong session will enable you to tune into a 40 minute livestream practice that Alice has built to'ground and calm the nervous system using gentle embodied movement, breathing techniques and centering meditation'. Then switch straight through to the start of our livestream gong broadcast. Of course if you only fancy doing one of the sessions on this occasion that is fine too. Details below.

We have had a few people ask about paying for the livestream sessions we are broadcasting at the moment. Right now our intention is to offer these up as 'our bit' to help one another through these challenging times, so we won't be charging for them.

It is possible however that when things settle down we will look at changing our 'business' to include a Patronage/Membership model with more focus on broadcast work.

If, as or when we do decide to head that way we will tell you all about it. But right now, if anyone is interested in how Patronage/Membership might work, or wants to support our work at the moment, then you can see the kind of ideas we are toying with here:https://www.patreon.com/gongspace

Last but not least, many will know of our recording work in the past and our various attempts to link up with other musicians - to bring the gong vibe into a more 'mainstream' market - a gong focused 'band'. Some of you will also know of our frustrations in trying to find reliable, aligned and committed co-workers in this space.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, over the years Paul has gathered together a host of musical kit - enough to produce gong focused music tracks on our own... This always looked like a retirement project, but with so much available downtime everything has been un-boxed and moved into the 'shed' (teenagers gym/general store/man cave/office/gong broadcasting studio!)... Picture below... If anything worth listening to ever comes out of it we'll let you know!!

Our 'thank you' to the NHS:

One of the real positives coming out of our current situation is the massive upsurge in public support and appreciation for members of our National Health Service.

Sitting cooped up in the stillness of a home it is hard to imagine how frantic life is becoming for many of these remarkable people.

So we thought it would be good to set up a public session free of charge for members of the NHSas soon as we are 'let out' and can start performing for real again.

So... if you are working in the NHS right now or know anyone in the NHS who might value coming along to a free 'thank you' session please contact us and we'll put your details on a list to notify you as soon as we are able to run it.

Live gong tutorials/chat room and masterclasses:

We were wondering how else to help people with gong related activity through these unusual times. As you probably know Paul does (did!) quite a lot of practitioner training work.