Gong Space Update - Winter 2020

So here we are in 2020, at the start of a new decade. 2019 is wrapped up and bundled away with so many other memories... 

Towards the end of the year, our regular sessions at Beech Hill started to become very well attended and seemed to move into a new energetic space: In the past, smaller groups always had a certain kind of 'magic' which we found very hard to hold onto with the varied energies brought into the space by groups of more than 15 people or so.

But as 2019 progresses and our sessions became consistently more and more full, somehow the vibe seemed to hold fast, and in some cases get even better! It's hard to say why this is, but we have been giving a lot of thought to how we manage the journey for larger audiences - handing more responsibility and engagement across to Andrea for everything pre and post session, and stripping away anything from the session itself that we felt wasn't adding clear and immediate value for our guests. Maybe this helped... or maybe that's just the way it is... a natural phase of growth and progression... 

With all this going on, the November and December Solstice sessions were both full and particularly magical. For the Solstice we wove in some very simple elements of ceremony and ritual, which were great fun to share and seemed very well received - Something we plan to continue for each of the 'Calender' events at Beech Hill this year. 

After Christmas we held a 'fundraiser' - Christmas Recovery Gongbath at The Base Youth Centre in Hook; relaxed and informal. Hopefully the donation made to the centre will help them continue their good work supporting their local community. Along similar lines, at the end of 2019 we also made donations through to Hillside Animal Rescue, our nominated charity; hopefully helping them to make ends meet a little more comfortably at Christmas. 

Outside of our regular activity, we were blessed to take part in a delightful evening session at Alice McGuigan's Earth Living retreat in November. And continued to enjoy our mobile Practitioner Training work. 

With the forecast of heavy snow a few weeks ago, Paul rushed off into the Cairngorms 'storm chasing' in Claude the van. Apparently a very chilling and demanding couple of weeks with many long, dark, freezing nights... no doubt 'good for the soul'. 

On a totally different vein, following on from an inspiring, other worldly, evening watching Hawkwind perform their 50th Anniversary Tour at the Basingstoke Anvil, Paul's dream of weaving the gongs into more mainstream music seems to have come back to life. He has been out to music shops buying synthesisers, effects and an electric piano which he hopes one day to be able to weave into a gong sound journey... but that is some time off yet, and there is much water to flow under the bridge before we will be bringing that particular offering out of the nursery... hopefully a story for later...

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