GongSpace Update July'19

Andrea Ryan of GongSpace playing the gongs at Waverley Abbey, Farnham.

In our June newsletter we chatted about our plans to move the Gong Space out of Reading and into the 'great diaspora'. Soon after, we packed up Claude the van and headed off on a short trip to the Vosges.

The weather was balmy, the French countryside beautiful, the French people very 'camper friendly' and we even got chance to play the new earth sound creation gong high up in the beautiful mountains near Jungfrauenkopf. This particular gong really comes to life when it is played outdoors, it's incredible base resonance reaches deep into the earth and draws out something quite magical.

Back in the south east, we were invited to play for a group of Witches / Pagans in the New Forest at Summer Solstice, then came back to Reading for the usual Beech Hill session, but this time with a difference...

After 18 months of sitting watching Paul play, immersing herself in the gong world and practicing with our various gongs in the background, Andrea has finally decided that she is ready to step up and take a more active role playing at some of our public sessions. Right now she is focusing on the big earth sound creation gong. This opens up the soundscape allowing Paul to move through the room drumming or overplaying melodies on the tuned planetary gongs and other instruments.

When not gonging or travelling we spent much time in June working on a new website - which will be launched early in August.

When we built our first website we wrote a lot about what we wanted to become, this time, with so much more water under the bridge, the process has encouraged us to reflect deeply on what we have become and what we really believe about the gong experience.

Somehow this process has felt like a coming of age and we are very happy with the outcome. For those who know our old website, in the new one we have taken out many of the commercial links and added a fun packed photo gallery, a section on the 'effects of the gong' and a section on who we and our key collaborators are as people.

Back on the road, at the start of July Paul spent time playing the gongs around the ancient sites of Avebury. This turned out to be a wonderful way to meet all sorts of interesting and curious people, as well as a handful who found the whole idea of lying atop a Neolithic barrow in the sunshine and letting go to the otherworldly sounds of the gong simply too much to process!

At the other end of the scale Paul ran into Rendell; a Dutch artist working for a community TV station in Belgium, who spent an afternoon recording the open air gong sound, complete with backing birdsong, for use in his creative projects. Rendell left with an open invitation to use the TV studio in Belgium whenever we wanted... So perhaps we'll be writing about a Belgium trip soon...

Here are some of the highlights coming down the line:

Bookings are now closing for the 'Woodland Soundbath' on 27th July, set up by Amanda Ridgley - founder of the Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing Centre in Winchester. If you fancy being a part of this great event then there are still a few places left and you should be able to book online until this Saturday (20th July).

In Amanda's  words...

'This is the first retreat from Thrive Retreats - a new venture bringing you access to talented healers and the opportunity to discover hidden gems - I hope you will support us...'

We are really excited about this project, the venue looks lovely and the event should be awesome!  

Straight after the Woodland Soundbath we will be heading down to Om and Bass Festival to do some collaborative work with our yogi/singing bowl/gong playing and generally 'right out there' friend Roger Newton. This festival seems pretty popular with many of our clients, so hopefully we'll see some of you there...

Then from 16th - 19th August we will be down in the Cotswolds running the Sound Space for Soul Circus Festival again - details below. 

In the background we also have our regular public sessions at Beech Hill and an additional public session being organised in support of 'The Base Youth Centre'in Hook on 22nd August. In line with our comments last month about 'giving more back' a portion of the ticket price for this one will be returned to the Youth Centre to support their activities.

If you fancy coming along to any of these public sessions you'll find links to them below...

Further out, there is some great retreat work coming up with Alice McGuigan, which many of our clients might find rewarding... more details closer to the time...