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The gongs are a most wonderful gift to share with other people and their unique sound appeals to people from all sorts of different backgrounds - from 'mainstream' musicians to shamen, yogis and sound healers. 

Our training is therefore intentionally non-denominational. We will work with your hopes and aspirations to help you build a gong practice that fits seamlessly into your life and world view.  

We believe that the best teacher of the gong is the gong. Our courses are therefore focused on playing and listening time, with a strong practical component consolidating your growing skills using different gongs and equipment. 

Group sizes are extremely small, typically we work 1:1, sometimes 1:2, with our clients, often in their home environment or other safe location. Once your training is completed we are very happy to be there as a back stop for you when you eventually start to take the gongs out to a wider audience. 

Our courses and mentoring are designed to take you as far as you want to go with the gongs - from an initial toe in the water, through public performances, to studio and stage work. We are happy to work with anyone who genuinely wants to explore the gong vibration more widely; from complete novices to already established practitioners.

Follow the links below to find out what kind of gong training might work best for you...

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